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Well I guess it’s about time to get off my ass and finish the humidor project. After completing the proof of concept (and blowing up two Ardweenys) I ordered the components I would need to make the final board.

Everything but the resonators came in promptly. I ordered them on the third of June through an Amazon re-seller called Uxcell. I got an email from them stating they were shipped out a couple of days after I ordered them. As they were coming from China there was a considerably longer shipping time than I’m used to with Amazon. The latest estimated delivery date was July 16th. When I still hadn’t received them by the 17th I sent them an email. It worked out that since I work second shift, and sent the email when I got home, that it arrived during their business hours and I got a prompt response. There was no hemming and hawing, they simply asked if I wanted a refund or a resend of the product. I requested a resend and it arrived in a couple of weeks. I assume my original package is sitting in some customs warehouse somewhere. For something that cost $2.66, with free shipping from the other side of the planet, I certainly can’t complain.



I’ve been working on a project that uses the guts from the Secret Knock Gumball Machine. My goal is to modify the project to open a humidor I planned on giving to my brother in law for Christmas. As with everything else in my life I am obviously way behind schedule. I wanted to add way too many accessories and decorations. It just got out of hand, so I scrapped all of the frou-frou.

I made a video of a proof of concept back in December but haven’t really got past that point. I went to work on it the other night but blew up my Ardweeny when I turned on my power supply and forgot it was set to thirty volts. I’ve got a new one on the way from Solarbotics and hopefully I can get in the mood to finish the project soon.