Getting Back to the Original Point of This Blog, sort of.

Posted: September 5, 2016 in Papers Please.
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A few years ago I went back to school to get a degree in a field I had already been working in for years. I know, genius right? I originally started this blog as a way to go over important ideas I was learning in said aforementioned, to wit, school. Since then I’ve long graduated, have not posted anything about school, and frankly have not posted much at all. So now, being the worlds laziest blogger, I thought I might post some of the papers I wrote in school. I might even add commentary and updates, but probably not.

So the first paper I’m going to post is my capstone project for my final IT security class, IT603: Overview of Information Security. I realize anyone working on a real CS degree will find this laughable, but I’m a phone guy who went into debt to get a degree that was outdated before I ever needed to use it, so what can I say?

edit: After posting I noticed that wierd things happened with my footnotes when I converted from docx to pdf. They’re still there, but spread across multiple pages. And I left out an apostrophe on attack’s. It really bugs me, but not enough to delete the pdf, edit it in the original docx, reconvert and reupload it.

SSL Vulnerabilities


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