This may not have been a good idea

Posted: August 12, 2014 in Repair
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I’ve always thought I was the king at breaking things. Then my daughter came into her teenage years. She breaks stuff with out even touching it, just ask her. 

#1 Daughter – “Daddy my X is broke. Could you please fix it?”

Ever suffering sire – “How did you break it?”

#1 Daughter – “I don’t know. I wasn’t even touching it. It worked fine when I went to sleep but was broken when I got up.”

Now when I break something I generally know what happened. I’m hard on stuff. If I can drop from three stories and still work (albeit a few days later), I expect my equipment to be able to do the same. I break a lot of stuff. I can’t tell you how many hard drives I’ve gone through in my ruggedized Panasonic CF30

But apparently my daughter can do the same damage without even coming into contact. Recently she came to me with her phone and told me the power button was broke, and asked if I could fix it. Once again the gadget gremlins had struck during the night. “It was fine when I went to bed, but not working when I got up.” “I rarely even use the button, and I always have the case on.”

Some how my wife and I have never managed to even scratch our phones, and I’m no easier on my phone than I am on anything else.I drop it several times a day, never even cracked the case. My daughter has gone through two backs and now a power button. My nieces phones and other iDevices all have cracked screens. I don’t get it.

I was hoping it would just be a stuck button or misaligned spring. I took the back off, cracked once again, and tried to pry the button up. No such luck. After randomly taking out a few screws, and getting nowhere, I thought I’d better get some help. Thanks to the wonderful guide over at I was able to take the phone down to its constituent parts with out breaking anything. Of course after going through the hassle and headache of taking the thing apart, the button was just fine. There’s nothing that can really go wrong with it, it’s just a stud. The actual button is an almost microscopic drop on a tiny little flat cable, so I had to put everything back together until we can order the part. Amazingly it actually all went back together, and I only dropped one of those nano scale screws on the floor twice.

The look on my daughters face when she saw the phone scattered in a million pieces over the kitchen island almost made the hassle worth it though.

Sorry, I hadn’t planned on making this a blog post so I didn’t take a lot of pictures.

Tiny screws everywhere!



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